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Welcome to Sabour Beauty where we cultivate Self love, Self care, and Self esteem both internally & externally.

Consultations $35

Before I Book Consultation :

Don’t know what to book? Can’t decide which style to choose? Allow our Sabour Beauty style experts to consult you on affirming which style suits your current lifestyle.

Color Consultation : Color consults are required for all New Beauty bookings. The Sabour Beauty expert will discuss your desired look and examine the current condition of your hair to determine if your hair can withstand the color treatment, which color will suit you  and desired outcome.

Extension Consultation : This consult allows our experts to measure your crown, recommend best hair color & types and which service is best suited for each Beauty

Starter Loc Consultation : The stylist will assist in defining your desired look based on the density, the integrity (strength) and length of your hair.

Scalp Analysis: [$75 ] This treatment is conducted by our Licensed and Certified Cosmetologist to assist in determining what's going on with the scalp to assist us in creating a custom treatment and service for you. The Scalp Detox includes a custom essential oil blend customized to your scalp needs, 20 minute Scalp massage to help infuse the oils into your scalp and helps increase hair growth & healing of the scalp, also includes your custom steam treatment. You’ll also be able to take your custom oil blend home with you! 

Who is this Service for: If your scalp suffers from dry, flakiness, you are experiencing baldness, Alopecia, you have tried so many products, home remedies, searched Youtube, google and nothing has worked.

How many times a year do you need the Scalp Analysis? 

2 times a year for Normal-Abnormal 

4 times a year Abnormal- Extremely Concern

The Sabour Beauty Experience 

This experience is for first time Beauties. In this experience you will receive :
a consultation, an invigorating shampoo, treatment, trim and desired style.Upon your consult, the treatment type that’s most suitable for your hair type will be recommended.
( scalp detox, protein, or hydration moisture repair)

The Sabour Beauty Self Care Experience

Silk Press + Hydration + Trim


The Sabour Beauty Self Love Deluxe Experience

Silk Press+ Color + Treatment + Trim


Silk Press 

Silk Press $85+
Silk Press + Treatment $120+
Silk Press + Hydration + Trim $150+
Silk Press {Long Hair}$105+
Silk Press + Treatment {Long Hair} $130+
Silk Press + Hydration + Trim {Long Hair}$175


Color Services

Single Process + Style {Short Hair} $110
Root Retouch + Style $125
Double Process + Style {Short Hair} $140
Partial Foil + Style $155
Single Process + Style $160
Demi Color {Gray Coverage} + Style $170
Full Foil + Style $185
Double Process + Style $215
Triple Process + Style $285
Color Correction $300
Balayage + Style $360

Natural Hair Services

Natural Braids/ Cornrows $75
Natural Two Strand Twist $75
Rod Set $85
Natural Twist w/ Hair added $150

Smoothing Systems

Partial Relaxer + Style $110
Rearranger Mild Straightener $115
Relaxer Retouch + Style $155
Virgin Relaxer + Style $205
Rearranger Mild Straightener + Permanent Color $210
Amino Acid Treatment + Style $250
Keratin Treatment $250


Knotless Small $325 + up
Knotless Medium $250 + up
Knotless Large $175 + up
Knotless Jumbo $125 + up
Take Down {Hourly Service Charge} $25
Re-Touch {Based on amount needed} $45


Color ReTouch on Locs $65
Loc Maintenance $75
Loc Maintenance w/ Simple Style $85
Loc 2 Strand Twist $95
Starter Locs $125
Loc Repair {per loc} $5

Feed Ins

2 Braids $65
3 Braids $75
4 Braids $85
⅚ Braids $100
⅞ Briads $125
Large Ponytail Braids $150
Medium Ponytail Braids $175
Small Ponytail Braids $225


Basic Crochet $145
Loose Crochet $175
Individual/ Basic Crochet $225
Individual Crochet $255

Extensions & Weaves

Natural Ponytail $95
Sleek Ponytail $120
Microlink Maintenance + Style $115
Sew In Maintenance + Style $115
Wig Install + Style $125
Half Up/ Half Down $150
Quickweave $150
Wig Coloring $150
Microlinks {Half Head} $200
Partial Sewn In $200
Full Sew In $300
Sew In w/ Closure $325
Tape Ins $325
Microlinks {Full Head}$350
Machine Sewn Wig $350
Hand Sewn Wig Unit $350
Same Day Wig Construction $450
I-Tips $750
For Braiding Services our Experts recommend using Outre Expressions(brand type). 42” for shorter styles and 52” for longer styles Hair is not Included. Each service includes a Shampoo & Blowout

Deep Moisture Conditioner


Hydration {Moisture Treatment}


Scalp Therapy

Eliminates itchy, flaky, and dry scalp conditions. Anti - Dandruff shampoo, Anti- Inflammatory conditioner for your hair paired with an Intensive Scalp therapy mask applied to the scalp along with a 25 min. infrared hydration Steamer


“Stimulating Edge Treatment” with Organic Raw Aloe Vera

This treatment is a great natural conditioner that can penetrate into the hair and scalp to hydrate strands and moisturize the scalp helping to alleviate inflammation, itching and irritation. Aloe Vera controls greasy hair, itchy scalp, and protection from UV damage


Protein Hair Strengthening Treatment



Please note: Sabour Beauty is a CASHLESS Salon

Cancellation Policy: Please be advised that cancellations made up to[72 hours] before a scheduled appointment via [email, text, or phone call] will be processed without a penalty. Cancellations made [48 hours] or less before an appointment will be subject to a charge of [half of the service rate].

(Most services are a la carte. Prices are subject to change upon appointment)

*** A card is required to be on file to book an appointment with our touch free scheduling and checkout system***